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A shingleback skink

The shingleback skink (Tiquila rugosa) is a lizard found in southwest Australia. It is also known as the "sleepy lizard" for its surprising docility.

Description Edit

This skink is in the same genus as the blue-tongued skink, and the two look very similar. Its tail looks much like its head. This adaptation is used to fool predators. As with all skinks in the genus Tiquila, it has a blue tongue.

Unique in the family, the shingleback skink usually mates for life, coming back together almost every year of their 30-year lifespan.


The shingleback skink eats both plant and animal matter.

In captivityEdit

Although not predominant in the pet trade, this skink is fast becoming popular due to its peaceful habits. It can be cared the same as a blue-tongued skink.


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