Physical description
HabitatMost are arboreal, often found in trees or bushes
Scientific classification
Distribution of speciesSoutheastern United States, the Caribbean, and various other regions of the Western world.

Polychrotidae is a family of lizards, with anoles making up most of this family. These lizards are often incorrectly referred to as "American Chameleons" or geckos, but these lizards are actually more closely related to iguanas.


Anoles can be recognized by their dewlaps, which are flaps of skin beneath their necks. These dewlaps are usually brightly colored. Their feet are composed of millions of tiny hairs called lamelli that allow them to climb vertical surfaces.


Anoles are known to eat many small insects, such as crickets, moths, and cockroaches.

Smaller species of Anole, such as the Green or Brown Anole will eat Crickets, Grasshoppers, Moths, Ants and Spiders.

Larger species eat a similar diet but it can be supplemented with fruit and the occasional baby bird or lizard.[1]

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