Pogona henrylawsoni is an agamid lizard that is commonly known as Lawson's dragon. It is similar to the larger inland bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps), but this dragon is usually less than 10 inches in length. This species is also called Rankin's Dragon, Dumpy Dragon, Dwarf Bearded Dragon, or the Black Soil Bearded Dragon.[1]

A formal description was not published for this dragon until 1985, despite being known to herpetologists. The name for this species was disputed, along with the other taxonomic treatments of Wells and Wellington,[2] but was published again by Harold Cogger (2000) and others as a valid name. [3]

The name is noted as invalid in some sources, and given as a synonym for Pogona brevis.[4]

These dragons have a life span of 6-8 years, their natural environment is hot, dry and rocky, which must be mimicked in captivity. They are a social species and with supervision can be handled by children, but do not like to be turned upside down and will struggle when are. Most creatures in captivity are descendants of illegally imported dragons in the 1980s. The specific epithet is a reference to the Australian author Henry Lawson.

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