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Reptipedia is a collaborative online encyclopedia dedicated to reptiles from around the world. This wiki is a collaborative effort. That means anyone can write or edit an article, including you! Please feel free to participate by adding some information or a picture. One good place to start is with the wanted pages. If you would like help with editing, you can ask an administrator on his or her talk page, or the help page.

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Reptiles are animals in the class Reptilia. They are characterized by breathing air, laying shelled eggs (except for some vipers and constrictor snakes that give live birth), and having skin covered in scales and/or scutes. Reptiles are classically viewed as having a cold-blooded metabolism. They are tetrapods (either having four limbs or being descended from four-limbed ancestors). Modern reptiles inhabit every continent with the exception of Antarctica, and four living orders are currently recognized. See more

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