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Skink head cropped

This skink is a typical lizard.

A Lizard is a squamate reptile that is widespread and perhaps one of the most famous of the group. Surprisingly, because the lizard group does not include snakes, they have no real distinguishing features. As a general rule, most have limbs and external ears. They have a staggering array of body types and features ranging from the mundane to the magnificent, such as the detachable tails of skinks and geckos, the dewlaps of anoles, and the sheer size of the Komodo dragon. As well as these creatures, there is a wide variety of extinct lizards. The most popular one, as a pet is the Leopard Gecko.


Lizards live in an equally large range of places. Only in Antarctica are there no lizards. They have adapted to withstand every other kind of habitat, including forests, deserts, jungles, wetlands, grasslands, and more. Some are even known to live within the Arctic Circle. 

Diets Edit

The diet of lizards is just as wide-ranged as their shape and habitat. Most are insectivorous, feeding on small invertebrates such as crickets, grasshoppers, or flies, depending on where the lizard lives. Some are herbivorous, eating mostly plant matter and fruits. And a few are even omnivorous, eating both these types of food. A scant few, such as the monitors, are entirely carnivorous.

In the Pet TradeEdit

Leopard gecko black pearl

The Black Pearl leopard gecko is one of the rare morphs produced by breeders.

Because of their wide range of needs, lizards have been introduced into the pet trade for hobbyists to keep, resulting in an explosion of sales among stores. A lot are still brought in directly from the wild, but many are now captive-bred. These species are now among the most popular of lizards and have been bred to produce stunning color morphs---some that can cost over 3000 dollars.