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Hi guys! I'm Jak Himself, an administrator over at the Herpetoculture Wiki. Herpetoculture is the collecting of herptiles (reptiles and amphibians) either as a hobby or professional breeding career. The Herps Wiki is quite a new wiki, though I've started it up and established the beginning part. If anybody wants to join the wiki and help it grow, please go do so! We need all the editors we can get! (I also need some administrative help, so if anybody has any experience in being an admin or is interested in learning how to become an admin, just leave me a message!)

The reason I post here is because this is a Reptiles Wiki, and the Herps Wiki isn't necessarily competition by any means, as herpetoculture encompasses not only amphibians and reptiles, but also focuses more on the "pet" or "hobby" aspect of it. "Keeping Herptiles" opposed to "Reptiles in general". I also figured that many of the people who are interested in reptiles may also be interested in reptiles as pets.

Additionally, I'd also like anyone's thoughts on being an affiliate wiki with the Herps Wiki? I think it'd be cool to increase community.

You can visit the Herps Wiki here.

I really hope nobody minds me posting this here, didn't mean to bump anything or present any competition. Just trying to boost community! Thanks! Jak Himself (talk) 18:12, June 2, 2014 (UTC)

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