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Hi everyone,

during my repairs I have started the task of sorting out the Colubrid snakes. I wanted to explain what I am doing here.

Ok from a Category point of view this is a large group and if we list every page on Colubrids in the category colubrids then the category will be as hard to read as the pages themselves. So my first step is to simplify the cats. As I work on them I am moving pages from Colubrids to Colubridae. I will simplify the language later. However I am putting all the species into cats with the genus name, genera into subfamilies and subfamilies into the family, the family then goes into Snakes. This way people will be able to use the cats for navigation and as a search tool, along with the herpinfoboxes. However they will remain readable. I am removing unnecessary categories as I go. Once I get them all out of the category Colubrids I will make a redirect for the term Colubrids as well.

The tree is basically as follows:

  • Snakes -- points to all families and other major groups associated with this suborder
    • Colubridae -- points to all subfamilies in this family with the genera shown as sub links for each sub family
      • Subfamily (eg Colubrinae) -- points to all genera
        • Genera (eg Coluber) -- lists all species

I will add other categories back in at a later date, as I said I need to simplify it first then ensure that any categories used are needed, ie getting rid of orphans, unused and unique cats etc.

I would like to know though, do people want to use the Animals described in XXXX and the Animals of CountryX categories, I can see uses for the later but am not sure the year groupings are really that useful.

Cheers, Faendalimas talk 04:47, May 10, 2012 (UTC)

Sounds good. And that's the way it should be, too! Good job on that, this is going to really help.
Personally, I've never really used any 'Animals described in XXXX' categories, even on Wikipedia. I really truly cannot think of a use for that category and did not know it existed. However, the 'Animals of CountryX' categories I really do use sometimes, and they can be good for helping with identification or just to provide information of national herpetofauna.
Great job on the organization and keep up the good work. Thesaurus Rex talk 10:41, May 10, 2012 (UTC)
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