Finsch's Monitor
Physical description
Binomial nameVaranus finschi
Conservational Status
IUCN statusIUCN 3.1
Scientific classification
SpeciesV. finschi

Finsch's monitor (Varanus finschi) is a species of Monitor Lizard found in New Guinea and Australia.[1]

Finsch's monitor was only known from Blanche Bay, Ralum and Massawa in New Britain.[2][3] Further research on the available museum specimen enlarged the range of the species, which currently includes the Bismarck Archipelago (New Ireland), New Guinea and Queensland, Australia.[4][5] Unfortunately, the specimen from Queensland lacks any fixed data on its locality, so the exact distribution of Finsch's Monitor in northern Australia remains unknown.[1] Varanus finschi is found in multiple types of habitats: mangrove forest, inland forest, fresh cut clearings, coconut plantations and rocky beaches.[6] It belongs to the subgenus Euprepiosaurus along with the closely related Ceram Mangrove and Peach Throat Monitors.[7]


The dorsal pattern of Varanus finschi adults consists of "black ocelli, which are often arranged in irregular transverse rows - with a yellowish center on a dark grayish background."[1] The dark head of Varanus finschi is speckled with many yellowish spots. Its tongue color is pink.[8]


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