Physical description
HabitatFreshwater lakes, rivers and streams
Lifespan70 - 100 years
Average Size12 inches (30 cm) - 2 feet (60 cm)
Average weight3.5 pounds(2 kg) - 10 pounds (5.2 kg)
Scientific classification
Gray, 1867
Distribution of speciesAustralia, New Guinea and Indonesia.

The Australian Snapping Turtles, Elseya Gray 1867[1], are a large genus of side-necked turtles in the family Chelidae found in river systems in northern and north eastern Australia and throughout the river systems of New Guinea[2]. They are identified by the presence of alveolar ridges on the triturating surfaces of the mouth and the presence of a complex bridge strut[3].

The Australian Snapping Turtles are largely herbivorous with specialized mouth structures for eating fruits, however they will eat animal products if opportunity arises. The various species can be found in large numbers where they are still abundant, e.g. Northern Territory of Australia, however a number of the populations have become increasingly rare and some are now listed as endangered.



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