Dinosaurs are prehistoric animals that dominated in Earth 230 to 65 million years ago. They are divided into 2 groups. They are the lizard hipped and the bird hipped. The first group of dinosaurs to evolve was Sauropodmorpha. Among them was Eoraptor a small theropod like dinosaur. Later dinosaurs got bigger. Theropods such as Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus began to populate the planet. Ornithopods such as Camptosaurus were a natural food source for Allosaurus. Ceratopsians such as Yinlong and Triceratops began to be common. There were also stegosaurs such as Stegosaurus. Some dinosaurus such as Supersaurus and Argentinosaurus were among the most largest land animals. But some sauropods such as Saltasaurus were bus-sized. Dinosaurs also evolved with feathers like birds. Among them was small carnivores such as Sinosauropteryx. Dinosaurs did not die until 65 million years ago. But birds survived the extinction. Also mammals survived. Only one group of dinosaurs survived and it was birds. This article will also show a list of dinosaurs that lived in a continent.

North AmericaEdit

  1. Tyrannosaurus-1905
  2. Triceratops-1889
  3. Iguanodon-1825
  4. Dromaeosaurus-1922
  5. Dakotaraptor-2015
  6. Bambiraptor-2000
  7. Brachiosaurus-1903
  8. Eotrachodon-2016

South AmericaEdit

  1. Giganotosaurus-1995
  2. Taurovenator-2016
  3. Mapusaurus-2006
  4. Padillasaurus-2015
  5. Antarctosaurus-1929
  6. Tyrannotitan-2005


  1. Torvosaurus-1979
  2. Allosaurus-1877
  3. Dracoraptor-2016
  4. Stenopelix-1857
  5. Lusotitan-2003
  6. Ceratosaurus-1884
  7. Stegosaurus-1877
  8. Iguanodon-1825


  1. Velociraptor-1924
  2. Psittacosaurus-1923
  3. Tarbosaurus-1995
  4. Zhuchengtyrannus-2011
  5. Sinosauropteryx-1996
  6. Bolong-2010


  1. Spinosaurus-1915
  2. In.spinosaurid
  3. Giraffatitan-1988
  4. Suchomimus-1998
  5. Rahonavis-1998
  6. In.sauropod


  1. In.Abelisaur
  2. In.Dromaeosaur
  3. Australovenator-2010
  4. Wintonititan-2010
  5. Tyrannosauripus-.ichnotaxon.-1984
  6. In.Spinosaur

New ZealandEdit

  1. In.Sauropod
  2. In.Theropod


  1. Cryolophosaurus-1994
  2. In.Ankylosaur
  3. In.Ornithopod




Dinosaur sizeEdit

Scientist are interested in these extinct creatures was their size. The largest which were sauropods ranged from the size of a Komodo Dragon or a horse to as tall as a 6 story skyscraper. The tallest were brachiosaurids which included Brachiosaurus and Sauroposeiodon although recent studies showed it can grow smaller if it did not belong into the family. The longest for now were their relatives titanosaurs and diplodocids. Recent studies showed not all dinosaurs were big. A few such as Compsognathus, Microraptor, and a few smaller dinosaurs from China were less than 4 feet long. Recently in Korea a small dinosaur was found. It's lower estimate was 11 in while the upper was more than 2 feet.

Early Dinosaur DiscoveriesEdit

The first dinosaur was found 2,000 yrears ago in China. They were originally described as dragon bones. They first dinosaur finally described is Megalosaurus a distant cousin to Spinosaurus. 1 year later another dinosaur known as Iguanodon was described.

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