There are lots of opinions on the perfect beginner’s snake. Snakes that are calm, low maintenance and feed easily are always the easiest option. I will talk about some of the commonly kept beginner’s snakes.

Corn snakes Edit

Arguably the most commonly kept snake in captivity. The Corn Snake is docile (as long as it is cared for) low maintenance and will feed on a regular basis. These snakes are so commonly sought for their large variation in colour and pattern

Ball Pythons Edit

Ball Pythons are common sought by those wishing to eventually move onto something a lot larger. They are chubby and can be long and can look quite attractive. They have wider jaws than corn snakes, but can sometimes refuse food. These snakes can also stress from too much space, they need 10 gallons for babies, 20 gal for subadult to even adult, 30 for large adults and 40 for very large adults, bottom line for asking "can i house more than 1 in each tank?", 1 snake =1 enclosure. These snakes vary in size from 2 1/2 feet to even 6 feet, when babies, they eat hoppers, subadults, large adult mice to small rats, adults, small mice to medium rats, the food item must leave a nice sized lump big enough to see. They need 2 hides, one on each sideand a water bowl, you dont need a big water bowl, a small cup will do, these snakes rarely soak, if they do, they have mites, try mite B gone products for your snakes, if they dont work, contact your vet. These snakes are very good beginner snakes and you'll be hooked to them once you see one.