Reptiles and Amphibians are to clades of cold blooded animals. A few members of the clades are extinct millions of years such as Dinosaurs and Dimetrodon, a 10 foot long mammal like Reptile usually mistaken as a dinosaur. While a few are endangered. This article is about reptiles, amphibians, and Dinosaurs described in the year of 2016.



  1. Cyclotosaurus buechneri-a species of Cyclotosaurus
  2. Konzhukovia sangabrielensis-a species of Konzhukovia
  3. Samarabatrachus-a genus of Temnospondyl
  4. Selenocara-a genus of Temnospondyl
  5. Stanocephalosaurus amenasensis-a species of Stanocephalosaurus
  6. Syrtosuchus-a genus of Temnospondyl

Frogs and ToadsEdit

  1. Hyogobatrachus-a genus of Frog
  2. Kuruleufenia-a genus of Frog
  3. Andarman Bush Toad-a genus of Toad
  4. Prospea-a genus of Toad
  5. Tambabatrachus-a genus of Frog
  6. Pristimantis prometeii-a species of Frog
  7. Pristimantis pluvialis-a species of Frog
  8. Microhyla laterite-a species of Frog

Salamanders and NewtsEdit

  1. Kiyatriton-a genus of Salamander
  2. Phosphotrirton-a genus of salamander
  3. Qinglongtriton-a genus of salamander
  4. Klingon newt-a genus of newt
  5. Thorius pinicola-a species of salamander
  6. Thorius tlaxiacus-a species of salamander
  7. Thorius longicaudus-a species of salamander


Lizards and SnakesEdit

  1. Janosikia-a genus of Lizard
  2. Ophisauromimus-a genus of Lizard
  3. Pluridens calabaria-a genus of Mosasaur
  4. Solastella-a genus of worm lizard
  5. Anolis landestoyi-a species of Anolis
  6. Lunaophis-a genus of Snake
  7. Platyspondylophis-a genus of Snake
  8. Rieppelophis-a genus of Snake
  9. Vipera Walser-a species of Vipera
  10. Chilabothrus argentum-a species of Boa
  11. Talamancan Palm-Pitviper-a species of Viper
  12. Eublepharis satpuraensis-a species of Gecko
  13. Tupinambis cryptus-a species of Monitor lizard
  14. Tupinambis cuzoensis-a species of Monitor lizard
  15. Tupinambis zuliensis-a species of Monitor lizard
  16. Geophis loranca-a species of Geophis
  17. Asaccus gardneri-a species of Gecko
  18. Asaccus margaritae-a species of Gecko


  1. Cryopterygius kielanae-a species of Cryopterygius
  2. Gengasaurus-a genus of ichthyosaur
  3. Sclerocormus-a genus of ichthyosaur
  4. Wahlisaurus-a genus of ichthyosaur


  1. Alexandronectes-a genus of Plesiosaur
  2. Dawaisaurus-a genus of Sauropterygian
  3. Kawanectes-a genus of Plesiosaur
  4. Stenorhynchosaurus-a genus of Pliosaur

Turtles and TortoiseEdit

  1. Amhuichelys-a genus of Tortoise
  2. Fontainechelon-a genus of Tortoise
  3. Inaechelys-a genus of Turtle
  4. Keuperotesta-a genus of Turtle
  5. Neurankylus-a genus of Turtle
  6. Pelorohelon-a genus of Tortoise
  7. Tartaruscola-a genus of Turtle
  8. Yelmochelys-a genus of Turtle


  1. Agaresuchus-a genus of Eusuchian
  2. Elosuchus broinae-a species of Elosuchus
  3. Llanosuchus-a genus of Notosuchian
  4. Machimosaurus rex-a species of Machimosaurus
  5. Sabresuchus-a genus of Paralligatorid
  6. Scutarx-a genus of Aetosaur
  7. Ultrastenos-a genus of Mekosuchine
  8. Dromemeron gigas-a species of Dromomeron
  9. Alcovasaurus-a genus of Stegosaur
  10. Aoniraptor-a genus of Megaraptoran
  11. Apatoraptor-a genus of Caenagnathid
  12. Beipiaognathus-a genus of Compsognathid
  13. Dracoraptor-a genus of Neotheropod
  14. Eotrachodon-a genus of Hadrosaur
  15. Fukuivenator-a genus of Maniraptor
  16. Gualicho-a genus of Theropod;a close cousin to Giganotosaurus
  17. Lohuecotitan-a genus of sauropod
  18. Machairoceratops-a genus of Ceratopsian
  19. Meroktenos-a genus of Sauropodmorph
  20. Murusraptor-a genus of Megaraptoran
  21. Notocolossus- genus of Titanosaur
  22. Sarmientosaurus-a genus of Titanosaur
  23. Spiclypeus-a genus of Ceratopsian
  24. Taurovenator-a genus of Carcharodontosaurid;a close cousin to Giganotosaurus
  25. Timurlengia-a genus of Tyrannosauroid;a close cousin to Tyrannosaurus
  26. Viavenator-a genus of Abelisaur
  27. Wiehenvenator-a genus of Theropod
  28. Pangupterus-a genus of pterosaur
  29. Allkauren-a genus of pterosaur
  30. Lavocatchampsa-a genus of notosuchian


  1. Protoalligator-a genus of Crocodilian.

Other ReptilesEdit

  1. Brasinorhynchus-a genus of Rhynchosaur
  2. Langeronyx-a genus of Rhynchosaur
  3. Teyujagua-a genus of archosauromorph
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